Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Recap volume 2

OK y'all, I hear ya. I'm going to try to start posting smaller bits more frequently. I have a tendency to sit down and spend an hour+ assembling pictures and putting a post together, which is why I don't do it often. My time management skills leave a lot to be desired, a comment that accompanied every report card from K - 12. But I'm turning over a new leaf. No more slackin'! Right.

I do believe we last left you with a partially finished bathroom. We are still allllllmost done. Actually, the only thing we have to do is stain the molding around the closet. That, and fix the hole in the floor that gives you a clear view into the basement. I have a feeling that will be one of those things that is still on the "to do" list in 5 years. The hole came about when we found out that we had to move the tub drain after Chuck had laboriously laid the tile floor. He was none too happy, but it was either cut a hole and move the drain or sit on the toilet with your legs slung over the tub. As the more frequent sitter of the family, this was not an option.

We FINALLY did get hot water about 2 weeks into moving in. And a week later, we got our first water bill from the City of Atlanta for $3895.82. Sigh. We're still battling with them about this.

Chuck installed our clawfoot shower attachment, an oil rubbed bronze splurge from Home D.

We ran into a predicament during installation. The ceiling support that came with it was about 11" shy of making it all the way up to the ceiling. Of course they sell one that's 2' longer for the bargain price of $75.00. We had known this might be the case and had been deliberating about what to do for a while. Ultimately, we decided that instead of paying $6.81/inch of oil rubbed bronze metal, we could make something work. I found a dowel rod, Chuck got the hammer spray and voila. Ya can't even tell the difference.

Initially we thought we were going to have to reglaze our tub, and were going to try to do it ourselves, which could have been potentially disastrous. As a last ditch effort, Chuck took to it with a lethal combination of CLR & Barkeeper's friend, and we couldn't believe how great it worked! Like brand new.

I had my eye on register covers from Restoration Hardware. What didn't register when I decided on them is they cost upwards of $35.00. Yow. Chuck found this white one at Home D for under $10. A little hammer spray...

We decided to stain the cabinet after all of the hard stripping work, and I'm delighted with how it turned out. Very rustic.

And as a finishing touch, I sewed a sheer with women's sportswear fabric from Hancock Fabric. $2/yd. Ikea can't even beat that price for sheers.

As soon as we stain the closet molding, I will take pictures of the completed project, and post some before and afters. And as I'm thinking about it, we actually have done quite a bit that I haven't posted about, so i will get on it!!!


At 8:31 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

You guys are the cutest people!

I love those shower attachments, but how will the curtain work? Will it really keep in all the water? The tub is so white!

I love the register. I want to get some like that for our living room and hallway, but the holes cut in the wall for the hvac return might not be the right ratio. I'll have to take my measurments to Home D and see what I can find.

We just bought a couple of pieces from an antique store for our living room. They're just refinished end tables, not actual antiques. Even so, they're so beautiful. This means we now have to rearrange our entire living room, and I'm planning to write a post about it tomorrow with some before and after pictures.

I'll let you know how it goes with our dishwasher.

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Emilie said...

Maggie, what is your blog? I want to see your pics!!

The options for clawfoot shower curtains are slim pickins. They're like 2.5x as big around as a regular shower curtain and about 5x as expensive. I'm trying to decide what kind of shower curtain we want in there, so for the time being we just got 2 clear liners. I clothes-pinned the back of them on the shower side, which has stopped all the water leakage. ghetto. Eventually I will sew together whatever shower curtains we end up with. The problem is, we need something that doubles as a liner + a curtain. I found a great one at Lowe's for pretty cheap, but it was too bright white for the rest of the bathroom. The clawfoot shower gets a little claustrophobic (hence the clear liner), so i don't think I can handle 2 layers of material surrounding me!

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Maggie said...

I'm at http://www.click-clack.net - I'll have some pictures up tomorrow. :D

Also, that water bill? That scared me! When we first moved we had some trouble with our satellite/internet/phone bill...all a package from the same company. For about 4 months they kept trying to charge us over $500 a month. It took a while to settle it, but we finally got it corrected and under control. I guess it's hard to keep billing straight with them newfangled computer machines.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Emilie said...

Can't wait to see your pics! When I sit down for my next internet procrastination session I'll check out click clack!!

Yeah, the water bill thing is a disaster, and apparently is a considerable issue in Atlanta. Which you would think would make it easier to clear up, but not so much. We have friends in our neighborhood who have been going through the same thing for 6 months. Eventually their water got shut off and they had to pay to get it turned back on, and now they're trying to figure out how to get their money back. Obviously the water company knew our multi-thousand dollar bill was a huge mistake, so our next bill was adjusted to $442. Still outrageous, especially since we had no hot water (and therefore no shower, no dishwasher, no washer, etc) for 2 weeks. Jackasses.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger freakgirl said...

You guys are doing great! And that bathtub picture is too adorable.


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