Monday, October 01, 2007

Week 7


Chuck built a side of the fence...

...while I sanded and painted the closet.

This is the final step before purchasing and installing the innards, at which point we will be able to move our closet contents out of the dining room. Progress is afoot!

The yard is coming along nicely, with the exception of a land-mass shaped section smack dab in the middle, that Chuck (obsessively) refers to as "South and Central Americas." It is the bane of his existence, and must be conquered.


Floor and Decor is having a 12 month/ 0% financing promotion so we decided to take advantage and buy all of our tile for the bathroom. Then Chuck went to his Falcons game, and I caught up on blog entries and house stuff. As this project drags on, it is getting harder and harder to make time to work all weekend. Things we have been putting off, because we thought we would be done by now (hahahahahahahahaha) are starting to catch up with us.

I anticipate that from here on out, progress is going to be coming a little more s l o w l y...


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