Monday, October 08, 2007

Week 8


So we started our day by picked up Chuck's mom's truck for a big Home Depot Run. We went to 2 Home Depots out by her house, and got home at 3:30. The fact that we spend half of our already limited weekend time at Home Depot is probably Chuck's #1 biggest peeve about our renovation. He had to do a lot of deep breathing. I like to shop, so it's not quite so bad for me.

Then we went to Ikea to get the inner closet pieces (picture Chuck now poking his eyes out). Here is a rough diagram of what our closet will look like when it's done:

By the time we got home, it was dinner time. We ate and I assembled the drawers that will go in the closet.

It was my plan to finish the closet installation by the end of day tomorrow, and I have a lot left to do and not much to show for today. I hate that.


We started with yet another Home D run in the morning to get the last load of pickets & the wood for the closet dividers. Ikea has wardrobe frames that cost about $120 a piece and aren't the right size, so we decided to make our own out of sheets of 4x8 oak. I figure we saved about $300 making them ourselves. Got home and Chuck mowed the grass, which was a little wet, so it looks like parted hair.

Chuck then sawed the top of the posts off and attached the decorative caps.

Meanwhile, I made trip 2 to Ikea to switch some stuff out, and get the stain for the dividers that will match the wood of the closet pieces parts. Came home and Chuck had cut and sanded, so I stained. It was getting late and I forgot to take a picture.

Way before they were dry, I insisted we take the dividers up and start to stage them. After 40 minutes of trying to attach the divider and install a &%^$& clothes bar, we called it a night to avoid a homicide situation. We are tired and over it and our room reeks of wood stain.

The closet will not be done this weekend. blurk.


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